The Importance of a Happy Face

Feb 11, 2022 | Blog

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Put on a Happy Face!

Good Leadership Starts with a Good Mood


Bad days happen, but it’s important not to show it… often. This is even more true if you’re leading a team. Sure, you’re going to have bad days (you’re human), but as a boss, you have a certain level of responsibility. It’s your job to inspire your team and keep them from getting unnecessarily nervous or upset. Ultimately, you’re responsible for their morale, and a smile goes a lot further than a furrowed brow.

Now, I’m not saying you need to be all smiles all the time (nor should you be), but err on the side of being positive. While it’s impossible to be positive all the time, not to mention inauthentic, the 80/20 rule is a good guide to use here. If you can be positive 80% of the time and negative only 20% of the time, you’re in good shape. When you do happen to be having the occasional bad day, it’s best to be honest and show vulnerability. Facing a few struggles means you’re human and makes you more relatable to your team. The key is to not always be having a bad day. If you’re constantly miserable and complaining, the problem may be you.

Most good leaders have control over their lives and emotions. This is why we don’t see a lot of complainers or pessimists in leadership positions. If you do find yourself in the Negative Nelly camp, work toward positivity. Better the situation you’re in. Be the antithesis of negative. Nobody wants to work for an asshole, griper, or complainer. It makes your team feel like they have to deal with your problems as well as theirs, so that they can’t execute the way they should.

If you’re really struggling to shake the negativity, limit your exposure to others. Take one for the team and take a personal day. Use your paid time off—that’s what it’s there for. Play some video games, eat some cookies, pet a puppy, and recharge. Do what you need to do to put on a happy face and be a stabilizing force for your team.

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