Hi, I’m Christopher Mifsud, and I specialize in assisting leaders in the video game industry to enhance their abilities, facilitate their growth, and ultimately achieve awesomeness.

The Game Industry needs Leaders like you.

You need a Consultant and Mentor like me.

After leading and growing international teams for top-tier digital creative companies for more than 20 years, I decided to extend my knowledge to a broader audience. As a leadership consultant, I specialize in providing guidance on strategy and execution to video game professionals.

Through my investment in training and dedication to enhancing my leadership abilities with the help of world-class coaches and programs, I gained a competitive edge in an industry that often overlooks such development. Rather than prioritizing individuals with leadership backgrounds and experience, the industry tends to focus on talented individuals, expecting exceptional results.

Now, I am leveraging my expertise to mentor leaders in the video game industries, guiding them towards becoming more effective and successful in their roles.

If you are interested in working with me privately, whether through mentoring or as a consultant to your management team, feel free to reach out and…

Game-Changing Leadership

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Game-Changing Leadership

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