Experiences Over Bullshit

Jan 22, 2021 | Blog

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Experiences Over Bullshit

Choosing the Yes Instead of the BS


One of my goals in life is to deal with less bullshit, especially when it comes to work. In pursuit of that goal, I remind myself of the value of experiences, both alone and with the ones I love. Experiences might be once in a lifetime, so embrace them when they come along, instead of succumbing to the burden of daily annoyances. While I still struggle to find the perfect balance, I do know that experiences are worth more than any problems or difficulties I deal with on the regular. 

I’ve endured my share of loss over the years. What I treasure most are the memories I made and the experiences I had with the departed. I cherish special moments with my wife, friends, and family now more than ever – and I don’t let the bullshit keep me from having these experiences. If I find myself getting sucked into the BS, I think of what I once told a boss leaving for a much-needed vacation: “Experience is life. It is the now. The bullshit will still be here when I get back.” 

And it will. The bullshit isn’t going anywhere. Live in the now – take that trip, make that call, text the person you were just thinking about, and make the time to rekindle old friendships. While it’s hard to say I live a life with no regrets, I live with very few, and I do so by taking the leap, trusting my gut, and remembering I am awesome. I have value, and I’m greater than any bullshit I am dealing with at the moment. And I live with purpose and a plan because ultimately, the calculated risk of choosing experiences over BS will always reward me in the end.

Need some help taking the leap? Here are some things to help you overcome the bullshit and enjoy more experiences:

  1. Embrace the Selfish BuddhaTake care of yourself first. If you don’t, you won’t have the energy you need to give to others.
  2. Use The Power of Positivity. Stay positive. My morning mantra is: “I am love, happiness, success, abundance.” It helps ground me for the day.
  3. Create Healthy Boundaries. Most often, it’s a lack of healthy boundaries that creates bullshit in the first place.
  4. Plan Your Year. Take a long view of what you want to achieve. Make plans to minimize the bullshit and maximize experiences. If you do it right, planning can be just as fun as the experience itself… okay, maybe that’s just me.

Look, it can be easy to become work-obsessed, especially early in your career. Don’t let yourself become so busy working that you miss important opportunities. Your career is important, but remember, some opportunities are once in a lifetime. Speaking of which – don’t miss this opportunity to reach out and see how I can help you!


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