Creating Healthy Boundaries at Work

Dec 4, 2020 | Blog

How does your garden grow

Creating Healthy Boundaries at Work

Using Your Values to Set Expectations


Do you frequently receive deadlines for end-of-day Friday? 

Have you ever wondered why? 

Is anyone really reading your work over the weekend? 

Do you often find yourself sending emails at 2 a.m.? 

Responding to them at 5 a.m.? 

Are you pulling 60+ hour work weeks? 


Is your workload really that intense? 

Could you prioritize better? 

Can you delegate some things? 

Is there no one else that can do this specific task but you?

The answer to that last question is likely no. There’s always someone else who can help, but people will always take what you’re willing to give. It’s important to remember that you are the one who sets other people’s expectations. If you always pick up the phone or immediately respond to emails, people come to expect it. If people have problems and you always solve them, they come to you instead of figuring it out on their own. For better or worse, your consistency becomes your credibility. Choose your consistencies wisely, so you don’t sabotage your own livelihood. 

How do you determine what you spend your time on? Start by revisiting what you value. Is it time? Your job? Your family? Maybe you’re young and ambitious and have nothing but free time – and choose to spend it building your career. This is a choice, but it might change later down the line as your values and what you expect from life begin to change. At that point, you need to change others’ expectations, as well as the boundaries you set. Sometimes you can do this within your current organization. Sometimes your new values conflict, and you have to find a way to lead this change, or get out of the way and find a new organization with similar values. Change is okay, but sacrificing your happiness isn’t. While it might be scary, change can lead you to bigger and better things. 

As long as you’re operating within the boundaries you set for yourself, the only way to go is up. Want to 1UP yourself? Join me for a Legendary Leadership Retreat and up your game!


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