4 Keys to Getting the Job You Want

Feb 26, 2021 | Blog

How does your garden grow

Try and Try Again

4 Keys to Getting the Job You Want


Are you an aspiring leader? Ready to break into the next level of your career? Applying for a new job? If you’re ready to move up, it likely won’t be a straight shot. Just like any good video game, obstacles in your way may take some time to figure out. (This is why you get multiple lives!) The only way to achieve long-term success is to try and try again. Here’s a crash course on using persistence to get what you want:

1. Learn & Earn the Skills. Once you name your goal, figure out what it takes to achieve, gain the experience, and be prepared when the opportunity arises. How do you do that?

  1. Shadow someone who already does the job.
  2. Take classes.
  3. Find a mentor.
  4. Practice the role you want (plus the one you already have, of course).

2. Let Other People Know You’re Interested. People often think they’ll get recognized purely for doing the work, only to be disappointed when nobody offers them the role they want. How do you change this?

  1. Tell people what you want. They can’t read your thoughts.
  2. Be proactive. We live in an individual-centric world, so advocate for yourself.

    3. Don’t Lose Hope.
    You won’t get every job you apply for. This is just life, so don’t lose hope, it happens to everyone! But what should you do when it happens?

  1. Find out why, if you can.
  2. Learn how to improve and be better prepared next time.
  3. Remember that everything happens for a reason.
  4. Let yourself fail once in a while and allow yourself to lick your wounds.

    Consistency and Perseverance are Key. Sometimes not getting the job you want, or even losing the one you have, can be devastating. Remember:

  1. It’s not luck, it’s hard work. There’s a Peter Dinklage quote that reads: “I hate that word, lucky. It cheapens a lot of hard work.”
  2. If you get hit with a fireball, you get another life. Keep going.


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