The Future of the Video Game Industry: How a 4-Day Work Week and Remote Work can Drive Success

Mar 3, 2023 | Blog

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Evolve or Die

The video game industry is a constantly evolving and fast-paced industry, where creative and technical talent work together to create the next big hit. However, in recent years, the industry has faced challenges, such as burnout, long work hours, and high turnover rates. As the world continues to change, it’s time for the video game industry to adapt and evolve. The 4-day work week and working remotely are two options that could be the future of the video game industry.

4-day Work Week

The idea of a 4-day work week has been gaining popularity in recent years, with companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Unilever testing it out. The concept is simple – instead of working five days a week, employees work four days a week. This change would result in an extra day off per week, allowing for more time for rest and personal activities.

The 4-day work week could be especially beneficial for the video game industry. The industry is known for its crunch periods, where employees work long hours and weekends to meet deadlines. This can lead to burnout, high turnover rates, and negatively impact the mental health of employees. By implementing a 4-day work week, the video game industry could reduce the likelihood of burnout and help employees achieve a better work-life balance. This could lead to a happier and more productive workforce, ultimately resulting in higher-quality games.

Remote Work

Another option for the video game industry is working remotely. With the advancements in technology, remote work has become more feasible and popular in recent years. Remote work allows employees to work from anywhere, whether it’s from home or a different part of the world. This can lead to several benefits, such as reduced commute times, more flexibility, and a better work-life balance.

Working remotely could be especially useful for the video game industry, where the talent pool is global. Video game developers and designers can be found all around the world, and working remotely would allow companies to hire the best talent regardless of location. This would also lead to more diversity in the industry, as companies would have access to a more diverse talent pool.

The video game industry has already seen some benefits from working remotely. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many video game companies shifted to remote work, and some even saw an increase in productivity. This shows that working remotely is a viable option for the video game industry and could be the future of the industry.


However, there are some challenges to remote work in the video game industry. Video game development requires collaboration and communication between team members, which can be more difficult to achieve when working remotely. It’s also harder to maintain a company culture when employees are working remotely.

To address these challenges, video game companies would need to invest in technology and communication tools to ensure that collaboration and communication can still occur. They would also need to make an effort to maintain company culture and ensure that employees feel connected to the company and their team members.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the video game industry is facing challenges that require adaptation and evolution. The 4-day work week and working remotely are two options that could be the future of the industry. These options could lead to a happier and more productive workforce, access to a more diverse talent pool, and ultimately, higher-quality games. However, there are challenges that need to be addressed, such as collaboration and communication. The video game industry needs to be open to change and embrace new ways of working in order to thrive in the future. It’s time to evolve or die.

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