Eight Simple Tips to Beat Procrastination

Sep 3, 2021 | Blog

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How to Beat Procrastination

Eight Simple Tips on Getting Started

I recently wrote about time management and one of my tips for getting your time under control was to “Just Start!” While I wholeheartedly believe in the importance of diving in head-first, sometimes “just starting” isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you’re someone that struggles with procrastination, this article’s for you.

Here are 8 tactics you can use to beat procrastination:


Commit to Something Early in the Day

Start your morning by making a list of things you choose to do. It creates agency and writing it down helps your tasks feel more concrete.

Work with Reasonable Expectations

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Break your work up into smaller pieces, chunks, and goals. This means less overwhelm and more wins. 

Find an Accountability Partner or Group

If you declare your intention publicly, you’re more likely to follow up and complete your project – so say it out loud.

Tackle Issues as They Come 

Don’t let things pile up. Take care of issues as quickly as possible to combat the draining of energy. In other words: if you dread it, do it. 

Dedicate Time and Space to Doing Tasks

Remove distractions. Go to a coffee shop, turn off your phone, your television, and anything else that lights up (sabers included).

Work on Reframing How You Think

If you tend to think about work negatively, it might help to reframe your thoughts. Instead of thinking “I have to,” try “I choose to” or “I get to.” Instead of “I’m lazy,” perhaps it’s “my body is telling me I need a short rest.” If you’re struggling with this, try talking to a NeuroCoaching Practitioner or another professional.

Do Unpleasant Things First

Eat the frog! Once you have your most unpleasant task out of the way, other things feel more accomplishable. If you do the easy things first, the big things keep piling up – and then you have an elephant to eat, instead of a frog.

Reward Yourself with Smaller, Easier Tasks Afterward

Once you’ve done the unpleasant task, rebuild energy with smaller, simpler tasks. Not only will you gain momentum, but you’ll find you’re accomplishing more. 

At the end of the day, beating procrastination is all about building good habits. While it’s okay if you don’t tackle everything head-on all the time, you are what you do. And if you want to be someone that doesn’t procrastinate, you need a solid routine. 

What do you do to beat procrastination? Share your tips in the comments section below! Are you ready to stop procrastinating and Press Start? Book me for one-on-one coaching today!


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