5 Ways to Invest In Your Team

Aug 28, 2020 | Blog

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The Importance of Investing In People – Part 2

How to Invest In Your Team


“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

– Richard Branson

Richard Branson is exactly right. If you’ve read my last post: The Importance of Investing in People – Part 1: Why It’s Important to Invest in Your Team you may be wondering exactly how to go about it. How do you train and treat your team so well they don’t want to leave? Let’s talk about it. Here are 5 ways to invest in your team:


1. Continuing Education 

Even if an employee has gone to college specifically for what they do now, they still need to keep growing. Build on what they know. Are there new certifications or accreditations available in their area of expertise? Can you help them attain those credentials?

2. Skill Building

While expanding the knowledge of their specialty is important, it’s equally important they expand their lexicon and general knowledge base. What additional skills would support their growth? Although I had no interest in becoming an artist, taking 3D Modeling and Digital Art classes helped me communicate with the folks around me that know that stuff inside and out.

3. Seminars and Workshops

If you need to get someone (or several someones) up to speed quickly, sending them to a topic-focused seminar or workshop is the way to go. While continuing education courses often take weeks or months, seminars and workshops compress all that info into a few hours or days – giving you more bang for your buck. Speaking of workshops (*ahem cough*), check out my Team Intensive Workshops on Leadership, Process, and Execution. They can be done remotely and come highly recommended.

4. Conferences and Conventions

To inspire or expand the worldview of your team, start here. Conferences and conventions are full of the latest exhibitions, showcases, and new technologies. It’s the perfect way for your team to see what’s out there while exposing them to different ways of doing things.

5. Leadership Training

Once you’ve identified someone with the potential and desire to lead, it’s important to train them ahead of time. It’s critical for them to learn from their mistakes before the consequences of those mistakes fall squarely on their shoulders. Why? Visit my post on the importance of delegation to find out. 

If you missed Part 1, go back and take a look at my previous post: The Importance of Investing in People – Part 1: Why It’s Important to Invest in Your Team, which talks all about the Why of investing in people. It’ll get you motivated to do the How.

Let me know your thoughts below in the comments on 5 Ways to Invest In Your Team. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. If you know anyone who might be in need of inspiration in investing in their team give these posts a share. Be sure to check out my podcast!


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