5 Secrets to Unleash the Real You

Mar 5, 2021 | Blog

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Unlearn and Unleash

How to Unlearn Who You’ve Been Told to Be, So You Can Unleash Who You’re Meant to Be


Many spiritual teachers encourage us to unlearn the person we’re told to be, so we may become the person we are. While I wouldn’t call myself a spiritual teacher, I wholeheartedly agree with this. There’s an age-old philosophical discussion regarding whether you were born to be the person you are, or raised to be that person, and I’m inclined to believe in nurture, not nature. While there are several factors at play, including genetics, it is ultimately the influences of your parents, society, and culture that shape who you are.

Without self-examination and self-awareness, we can fall into the trap of following others’ expectations of us and believing others’ perceptions. Many of our unchecked beliefs are rooted in what society and our upbringing place upon us, not what we truly believe at our core. It’s our job to identify these limiting beliefs, figure out where they came from, and remove them – leaving only our truest selves. (Spoiler alert: it may not be what your parents said you should be.)

So, just how do you go about unlearning and unleashing your true self? Here are 5 secrets to unleash the real you

  1. Identify Problematic Beliefs. Do your best to watch yourself from above and detach from your ego, which is where all that pesky judgment comes from. 
  2. Observe Yourself. Try meditating and seeing yourself in the moment, actually being the observer. 
  3. Be Observed. Ask someone else to observe you, like a therapist, looking for the things you are unable to see.
  4. Find the Underlying Motivation. When you find beliefs that don’t feel right, dissect them. Ask yourself – why do I believe this? Is this who I want to be?
  5. Find New Ways of Thinking. Study other cultures and find ways of thinking that are different from yours. Be open to everything and attached to nothing.

To find your true purpose, you first have to find trust by removing doubt, shame, and limiting beliefs. Life is better, more enriching, and more joyful when you can break through these burdens. As humans, we are meant to become lighter and freer as we age, mirroring those childhood attributes, so stop worrying about society and other people’s expectations – and unleash who you’re meant to be!

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