5 Reasons Why Networking is Essential

Dec 31, 2021 | Blog

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Yes, You Have to Network

5 Reasons Why Networking is Essential

A lot of people hate networking and do almost anything to avoid it. This is especially common in the game industry, which is made up of a lot of introverts. While I feel your pain (networking was difficult for me at first too), networking is an essential skill if you’re going to succeed in any industry.

Here are 5 reasons WHY networking is crucial: 

1. Mentors and Mentees. If you’re new to your industry, networking helps you find mentors to assist you in learning, growing, and getting a leg up in your field. If you’re not the new kid on the block, networking is great for finding mentees, who are essential in helping you grow into a more prominent leadership role.

2. Recruiting. Networking is a great way to find potential new employees. Not only does it bring new blood, new life, and more diversity to your team, it also gives you a chance to get to know prospective new hires outside of an interview situation.

3. New Ideas. If you’re not networking and meeting new people, chances are you’re staying somewhat stagnant. Exposing yourself to new people introduces you to new ideas and voices to expand your mind and business.

4. New Jobs. Whether you’re looking or not, networking is great for finding potential new employers. Statistically, most jobs come from personal connections, not job boards, so get out there and meet people. Even if you aren’t looking to switch jobs now, it could set you up for something good down the road.

5. New Industries. While networking, you’ll likely meet people outside of your industry. Not only does this open you up to more opportunities, but it might open a whole new door as well. It’s great to work in your niche for a while, but at some point you might want to branch out into adjacent spaces. Make contacts in design, coding, edutainment, e-learning, advertising, and more.

You never know who you’re going to meet or what you’re going to uncover while networking. Ultimately, your trajectory in business is largely driven by who you know, so get out there and meet people! 

Not sure where to start? Check out my other posts on WHERE and HOW to network! Want to get some practice in? Join my Essential Leadership Skills Masterclass or connect with a group of like-minded leaders with my Leadership Mastermind program!

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