Why You Should Live Your Life on Story Mode

Apr 1, 2022 | Blog

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Follow Your Passion

Why You Should Live Your Life on Story Mode

I recently accepted a new job at a top-tier gaming company. While I’ve held many amazing jobs and had great opportunities over the years, this one is notable because I’ll be working on narrative adventure games, which are a passion of mine. As I’m about to embark on a new and exciting chapter of my career, I want to encourage others to do the same: to follow their passion.

I know it can feel, well, safe to play it safe, but it’s important that if you have opportunities, you take them – and if you have a dream, you chase after it. Do you really want to spend decades of your life feeling uninspired? I’m assuming the answer to that is a resounding “no.” While it’s crucial to have career goals, don’t make them entirely financial. People just starting out in their careers often put a lot of emphasis on money, but a job that fuels your passion ultimately takes you further than any money goal. 

I have taken financial steps back in my career for either joy or strategic gains. Why? Sometimes it’s better to get paid less now to open more doors later. Nine times out of ten, following your passion pays off in the end, even if it’s not a direct route. There may be some hurdles along the way, but in a few years you’ll probably jump back up to where you were financially, or even higher. So, if you get the opportunity to do something exciting, learn new skills, increase personal growth, or start a new job with long-term potential – take it!

Life is short. Have no regrets. Don’t hesitate to pursue something else if you aren’t enjoying your career. I know you have responsibilities and bills to pay, but if you’re happy, your friends and family are going to be happy for you. Plus, you’ll be more fulfilled – and that can only be a good thing. I’ve decided to take chances, have adventures, and live my life on story mode. Playing this way has served me well over the years. Will you join me on this quest and follow your passion?

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